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Thursday, July 21, 2005


For Fertilizing I used Top Soil, Fish Emulsion, Growmore, and Vitabloom. Top Soil is an organic fertilizer developed by Ayub Pranata (He has orchid nusery in Lembang, West Java - He is also produce many orchids hybrid), and I think Top Soil is only available in Indonesia. I mix one spoon of Top Soil with 4 liter of water, and spray it to the leaves and potting media every week. Sometimes I use Fish Emulsion instead of Top Soil. When compared to the Fish Emulsion, Top Soil is less smelly eventhough you could still smell fishy from it.

To promote flowering I use Growmore and Vitabloom (with high P) quater strength every other week. Orchid likes frequent fertilizing with less strength and from my observation orchid prefer organic fertilizer ;-).

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