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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dipodium scandens

Grammatophyllum speciosum - flower

Grammatophyllum speciosum - Flower stem

80 cm flower stem of Grammatophyllum speciosum

Grammatophyllum speciosum

Grammatophyllum speciosum

After long time not posting in my blog, today I'll start to post the journey of growing and flowering Grammatophylumm scriptum. I have acquired the plan 3 years ago, the plant with 4 bulb. I put it on a pot with 60cm diameter. For the media I use fern and coconut chip, and use 3 small pot inverted in the bottom in order to create more aeration. No special fertilizer, I spray the plant with the same fertilizer as my other orchids. The photo shows 18 bulb of plan after 3 years of growing.